How long will Camp Meadowood Springs be accepting applications?

Camp Meadowood Springs will accept applications for the current camp season until the first of July.  Applications for the next camp season will be available on January 1st of the next year.

Will I have to pay for Room and Board and Meals if hired by Camp Meadowood Springs?

Employees of Camp Meadowood Springs will be provided with free room and board and meals on all scheduled work days.  Free room and board will continue to be provided for employees wishing to remain at the camp on scheduled off days but are asked to pay $10/day for meals.

If hired, can I bring a spouse/guest to stay with me?

Yes, however we ask that spouses/guests pay a fee of $25/day to help cover the additional lodging and food costs.  In addition, spouses/guests will need to be approved by the camp's leadership and may be required to submit to a criminal  background check.  Housing is also limited so if you require accommodations for a spouse/guest, please contact us early on.

How often will I get breaks/time off?

Camp Staff positions that carry on throughout all scheduled programs at Camp Meadowood Springs will receive adequate time-off.  For program specific positions (living unit staff, behavior specialists, clinicians) we ask that you be available for the entire session that your desired position is needed.  For more information, please consult the session calendar.

Are Letters of Recommendation and/or College Transcripts required for a position at Camp Meadowood Springs?

Letters of Recommendation and College Transcripts are only required if you are applying for a Student Clinician Position with the Adventures in Communication program.  However, applicants who wish to include these documents (Especially Letters of Recommendation) for consideration of other camp positions are encouraged to do so.

What is the deadline for applications?

The deadline for applications is July 1st.  However, we encourage applicants who are seriously interested in working at Camp Meadowood Springs to submit their applications early as many positions tend to fill quickly.

How can I submit my application for consideration of a staff position?

You may submit your application along with supporting documents using our online application or printer-friendly applications (and supplemental documents) can be completed and sent to us at PO Box 1025, Pendleton, OR 97801.

When can I expect a response following the submission of my application?

Our hiring managers will begin reviewing applications and qualifications beginning in March and will contact individuals for an interview shortly after.  Please note, only qualified applicants will be contacted for a phone interview.

What happens after the interview?

Applicants who successfully pass the interview process will receive a conditional offer of employment through written notification.  This notice will also provide you with instructions to finalize your application process.

When will I receive my final offer of employment?

Offers of employment become finalized following the successful completion of a criminal background check and we have your final forms.