Monetary Gifts



Your financial support makes our camp possible. Consider donating in one of these amounts:

$50.00 – Help pay for arts & crafts supplies

$250.00 – Help support the airfare of one of our student clinicians

$500.00 – Help support the year-round maintenance of camp

$1,000.00 – Help send an individual to camp


Checks can be mailed to:

Camp Meadowood Springs
122 SE Court Ave
Pendleton, OR 97801


Our Wish List


Each year at the end of camp, our counselors and staff take inventory of what the camp needs to run. Some of the items on our wish list for this summer are:

Smaller Things:

  • Badminton birdies
  • Dress Up costumes
  • Tether ball sets
  • Brooms
  • New fishing poles

Big Things:

  • Bleacher seating at the camp fire area near the lake
  • 3 fiberglass canoes
  • 2 new dryers for the bath houses

Click here for our full wish list.

Donations may be dropped by the Pendleton office or mailed to the following address:

Camp Meadowood Springs
122 SE Court Ave
Pendleton, OR 97801

Planned Giving

Eastern Oregon is a very caring place to live. Many people give generously of their time and financial resources. When these people are gone, their support is sorely missed.

Through a will, life insurance, a charitable remainder trust or other financial plan, you can leave a legacy to help organizations that are making a difference to you, your family, and your community. You can make a difference in the lives that follow. For more information about planned gifts please contact us.

Frequently asked questions about making a planned gift:

Do I need to have an estate to leave a gift?
“Estate” is simply a word used to describe any property money, or personal belongings you have when you die. Most people leave an estate, even if they don’t have a great deal of money. Anyone can arrange to leave a charitable gift from his or her estate.
How can I be sure that the organization I desire receives my gift?
To be certain that the non-profit organization you support receives your gift, you should state your intention and specifically name the organization in your will. Without a will, you lose control over your belongings after death. With a will, you—not the State—decide how your property and finances are settled.
How do I leave a gift in memory of a person?
A planned gift is a wonderful way to recognize someone who has made a difference in your life or to honor an organization that has made a difference in the life of a loved one. This kind of memorial gift can be made in the same manner as your planned gift—through your will or trust. You just need to make it clear that this gift is made in memory of a particular person or for a specific cause.
Who can help me arrange a gift?
If you are working with a professional—like a financial planner, lawyer, accountant, or insurance agent—please talk to them about leaving a gift. Or, you can call the non-profit organization of your choice for assistance in leaving a gift.
Do I tell the charity I’ve left the gift?
This is up to you. Charities often like to know so they can recognize your generosity. They may also be able to help you specify particular programs to receive your gift and help you use the correct legal name of the organization in your documents. Whether you let the charity know or not is your decision.