2019 Camp Meadowood Springs Wishlist
Thank you for your support!

Medical Items Needed:

1 bottle of Children’s Tylenol
2 adult Dayquil cough and cold
1 adult Nightquil cough and cold
3 adult Dayquill allergy
2 tubes of triple antibiotic ointment
2 large boxes of assorted band-aids (including water band-aids)
5 boxes of non-latex medical gloves (3 medium, 2 large)
5 boxes of latex medical gloves (3 medium, 2 large)
9 small tubes of Clorox wipes
1 large tub of antibacterial wipes
10 boxes of Wet Ones single antibacterial wipes
Medical scissors for the medical room
Medical tweezers (needle nose)

What we Need to Make Camp Run:

Socks for kids (age 6-14)
Girl’s one piece swimsuits (age 7-13)
Athletic shorts, girls and boys (age 7-14)
Gallon jugs of Tempera Paint (small bottles do not last through a session)
Glue sticks for glue guns
Craft pop-sickle sticks
Colored construction paper (9 x 12)
Colored construction paper (11 x 24)
4 multi-colored, fine point Sharpies (no pastels please)
2 packs of fine point, black Sharpies
8 Sharpie Rub-A-Dub Laundry Markers
Badminton birdies

Melty beads
Craft paint brushes (various sizes)
Colored foam (11 x 8.5)
Felt squares
Candle wax
Colored sand and gravel
Tissue paper
Water balloons
Tie-Dye kits
6 boxes of food coloring
Shaving cream
New Iron (for melty beads)
White tee-shirts for Tie-Dye (kid and adult sizes)
safety pins

What we Want Most:

Bleacher seating at the camp fire area near the lake
New dishwasher for kitchen (Hobart) – our current washer leaks badly when big cake pans are run through
Having the pond and lake dredged so more fish can prosper and for when kids jump in they don’t smell awful because of the stagnant water

What we Would Like but Can Do Without:

Fishing poles
8 Flash drives (Thumb drives/Memory sticks)
3 fiberglass canoes
New dryer for Cayuse Bath House
New Dryer in the Chippewa Building

Things We Have Plenty Of:

Pencils and Pens
Dixie Cups

Flip-flops/Sandals (Not allowed at camp)

**We have to dispose of any items with an expired expiration date (e.g. toothpaste, sunscreen, medications),
Thank you for your donations this year and in years past.

Please ensure that donated clothing items are age appropriate and gently used (or new). Clothing will be used by children in the age group of 6 – 14.

Donations may be dropped by the Pendleton office or mailed to the following address:

Camp Meadowood Springs
122 SE Court Ave
Pendleton, OR 97801